An Artful Journey - Then and Now

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Have you been an artist your whole life?

I've heard this question a number of times over the last year. I guess the answer would be yes, at least as far as loving to create. For those of you old enough to remember the tole painting craze, that's probably where the first real AHA moments of painting occurred. How do you load the brush? What strokes can you make from different kinds of brushes? I learned shading and highlighting. It was very precise and I'm surprised how those learnings have come back almost 30 years later.

My family and I made dough Christmas ornaments, some that still hang on our tree during the holidays, candy cane reindeer and other craft projects we found in magazines, books and learned in crafting classes at the local stores, it may have even been Michael's stores. There was no such thing as Pinterest or Instagram.

Quilting and photography became my main creative activities while I was working full-time and raising my son. I still have piles of fabric I plan to dig into as I play with fiber art possibilities.

I have always loved to create and now that I've left behind a full-time career, I'm able to play and create full time.

Here is then:

This was created in 1990 from a pattern in a book. I cut out the shape with a scroll saw, drilled the holes for the flag and then painted this guy with the small bottles of acrylic paint.

The now picture is at the top of this post. Over the weekend, "Snow Buddies" won the People's Choice Blue Ribbon at the Park Hill Art Club's 2019 Annual Spring Show. What an honor!

The answer to the question is yes. I was an artist then and I am an artist now.

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