Inspired to Create with Kristen Penrod

Inspired to Create- A Chat with Kristen Penrod

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Kristen and I met at a fabulous Ardith Goodwin workshop in Oklahoma City several years ago. We had a great time and then connected again during several of  Stephanie Gagos’ Online Auctions. It’s been a thrill getting to know her better and to enjoy her amazing creations. I’m lucky to have several of her pieces in my collection. If you’ve never experienced Kristen’s work, you are in for a treat!

Kristen’s Bio

Ever visited a funhouse?  You never know what’s lurking around the corner.  You creep through, cautious, curious and excited, all at the same time, because something whimsical, odd or mischievous could surprise you, but you enjoy it nonetheless!

Mixed Media Funhouse is the art studio of Kristen Penrod.  Her escape” is not one of travel, but a journey of the mind.  She creates one-of-kind assemblages that can be described as somewhere between whimsical and peculiar.  Her followers describe her works as “shear artistic brilliance”; “magical with merriment”; and “upfront with style and deep meanings”.  

Her favorite medium is her imagination.  She practices stretching her imagination with the selection of random vintage objects that evolve into body parts, enclosures, and amusing characters with a background and story with deeper meaning. Recently she has especially enjoyed creating fictional characters with non-fictional stories to them. 

Upon entering the funhouse, Kristen turns on her music, dons her goggles and her imagination ignites! She swings into action, deconstructing toys (after she plays with them of course)!  THEN, decapitating dolls, adding vintage objects, RESTRUCTURING, rearranging, texturing, and LASTLY painting them all to look like one being” from a faraway land.  When you look at Kristen’s art, YOU ARE IMMEDIATELY INVITED to escape, wonder, be surprised, or laugh – So admit YOUR ONE TICKET and enjoy the ride! 


Kristen’s favorite tools and supplies:

Black and white gesso
Dremel tool
Epoxy Sculpt
Great Stuff Expanding Insulation Foam from Home Depot
Fotodiox (Lightbox for photos)

One business that Kristen loves and highly recommends is Brick in the Yard. Let Mitch know that she sent you.

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