Inspired to Create With Steve Griggs

Inspired to Create- A Chat with Steve Griggs


September 17th at 9am MDT (Denver Time)

I met Steve Griggs through my local Park Hill Art Club. He is an incredible watercolor artist. I love his work. Steve, and his wife, Sue, are an amazing team. Steve is not only known for his paintings, but also as a popular and talented instructor. During COVID, Steve agreed to one of my early online Zoom interviews for the club and his interview was well loved by everyone who saw it. Fast forward a couple years and I was eager to check in and see how the creative journey goes. 

Steve’s Bio

Steve’s love of art started early in life. While other children would lament field trips to the art museum, that was his favorite day of the school year! Steve’s mother bought his first ‘real’ watercolor set of six tubes of paint, when he was in elementary school and his love of watercolor was born. Growing up in a large family made finding time and space for painting difficult. Whenever possible Steve would steal away to the basement of his childhood home where he would paint but never show anyone what he had done. Steve remained a ‘closet artist’ until he attended Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Studio Art. Steve later attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

With his unique, loose painting style, Steve’s paintings have been juried into a variety of national and international exhibitions and regularly win awards. Steve loves to guide other artists in learning to paint in his free and expressive style and he is a popular workshop instructor and exhibition juror. Steve and his partner, Sue, have also written numerous articles for publication in Watercolor Artist and The Artist Magazine (published in the UK).

Steve has gallery representation with Mirada Fine Art in Indian Hills, Colorado; Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Michigan; J Petter Galleries in Douglas, Michigan; and Five3Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.

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