About Me

I've explored creatively throughout my life in a variety of forms and fashions, always seeking to learn and grow. After a career in law enforcement of more than 30 years, I'm spending my time getting down, dirty and very colorful playing in paint and mixed media formats.

    While I don't have a formal education in art, I've studied with many amazing artists over the years. The Art Student's League of Denver has been instrumental in my art journey. Also, special thanks to Ardith Goodwin, Sandy Ceas, Jesse Reno, and Jo Fitsell for their inspiration and encouragement. 

    In a time of extreme divides, my work strives to celebrate the beauty found in each person's uniqueness and the many things we share in common. I'm inspired by the people and critters who share our world, especially those enhancing our lives on a daily basis.



    "Quirky Characters: Bringing Fun Characters to Life"
    October 24th-November 14th
    4 week class
    Park Hill Art Club

    "Creative Play"
    November 12th
    Single Class
    Parker Arts

    Juried Shows-

    • December 1st-9th, Stephanie Gagos' online 2019 Handmade Holiday Show

    • July 27th and 28th, Greeley Art's Picnic, Lincoln Park, Greeley, Colorado

    • June 8th and 9th, Art Student's League Summer Art Market, 300 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado

    • February 21-23rd, Parkview UCC 45th Annual Fine Arts Festival, Aurora, Colorado Award: Honorable Mention for "Right on Target"

    Solo Shows-

    • December 1-31st, Riverside Library, 3700 Golden Street, Evans, Colorado
    • April 15-My 30th, Rise and Shine Coffee Shop, 5126 W. 29th Avenue, Denver, Colorado
    • January 1-April 30th, Frame by Frame Shop Solo Show, 200 Quebec Street, Denver, Colorado

    Group Shows-

    • Nov 8-10th, 2019 Park Hill Art Club Fall Show, 5209 Montview Boulevard, Denver, Colorado
    • May 3-5th, 2019 Park Hill Art Club Spring Show, 5209 Montview Boulevard, Denver, Colorado Award: People's Choice 1st Place for "Snow Buddies"


    Juried Shows-
    • August 4th, TrueArt West Fest, Reed Art and Imaging, Lakewood, Colorado
    • April 8-May 5th, Best of the Parker Artist's Guild Show, Deep Space Gallery and Event Center, Parker, Colorado, Recognition: Rescuers Need Love Too selected to be featured on show flyer and in press coverage
    • February 12-April 7th, Romancing the Arts Show, Phillip S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, Colorado, Award: Honorable Mention Ribbon for Ruby



      A portion of proceeds from the sale of my rescue paintings, rescue prints and rescue note card is donated to area non-profits focused on improving the lives of animals and people. Proceeds from the sale of paintings, prints and note cards related to Rescuers Need Love Too will be donated to local first responder related charities.

      Prints have been donated to the following organizations for fundraising auctions:

      Freedom Service Dogs
      Denver Animal Shelter
      Painted Paws for Veterans

      Financial donations have been provided to the following organizations from the sale of items related to the rescue series:

      Adsit Strong
      Painted Paws for Veterans

      Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue
      Denver Dumb Friends League