The Second Annual Quirk Show with Stephanie Gagos - Late September 2021

I’m thrilled to be joining Stephanie Gagos and a group of incredible artists at the second annual Quirk Show scheduled for late September 2021. The show is hosted on Facebook. I will be announcing the dates as we get closer, and specifically the date when my paintings will be featured. I’ll be updating this page on a regular basis until a week before the event, so stop by here every now and then to get a sneak peek at paintings that will be looking for new homes!

If you’d like to be invited to the show or would like to be notified when a piece becomes available, please let me know. I’ll include tips on how to navigate the auction as we get closer. If you’ve never been to a Facebook auction, it can be a bit confusing. Stephanie and I will be there to help you find your favorite pieces when they are posted for bidding. Pricing will be available on auction day as each piece is posted.

In preparation, don’t forget to join the Stephanie Gagos Auction Page on Facebook and to sign up for my newsletter so you get the latest updates.

I hope you will join us!


8″ x 10″
Acrylic on canvas panel
Fits in an 8″ x 10″ mat and/or frame

Auction Terminology

BIN – Buy It Now Price 
This price will be higher than the opening price and allows collectors to call BIN on a piece and essentially, remove it from bidding. If you are the first one to BIN a piece, it’s yours at that price. Not all pieces have a BIN price and they remain open for bidding until the closing time and date. Once a piece is posted, check that information so you know if there is a BIN price or if you want to be online before the piece closes to bid higher if you have a favorite piece you’d like to have.

Tag – On Facebook, if you get an official mention on a post, you will be notified under your notifications section. So if you ask to be tagged on a piece, the artists will do their best to officially tag you on the post so you will get notified and a direct link to the piece you were interested in. Sometimes as soon as a painting is posted, someone bids a BIN or buy it now price and the artist doesn’t have time to tag you. Some collectors are waiting for a piece and the moment it comes available, they jump right in. 

Sample Listing

This is what a sample listing will look like. This piece does not show a BIN price, so bidding will continue until the closing time. There will also be a photo of the art. I’m not including it here to avoid confusion. This piece has already found a home. 

(SAMPLE) Cat Bandits 

AUCTION by: Jennifer Steck
Title of Piece: “Cat Bandits”
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 7” x 5”
Substrate: 1 ½” Cradled Wood Panel
Starting Bid: $85
US Shipping: $15
Contact artist for International shipping rates

CLOSING:  Closing tonight at 9pm EDT

What Happens When You Win?

If you win a piece by purchasing it at the BIN (Buy it Now) price or as the highest bid when the bidding comes to a close, Stephanie will post a congratulations message with information on the artist’s Paypal account where you can send payment including postage. Please pay promptly. Artists will ship your purchase and notify you of the tracking code so you know when to expect your treasure. Let us know when you receive it and if it meets your expectations. We are honored that you have purchased our work and we want to make sure you love it just as much, if not more, in person. 

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