Inspired to Create with Connie Solera

Inspired to Create- A Chat with Connie Solera


I’m thrilled that Connie Solera has agreed to join me for the August Inspired to Create Chat. Not only does Connie create incredible art, she also is a fabulous teacher that offers workshops that inspire students to seek out and explore their passions. Many of her students attend the workshops over and over again, learning and exploring even deeper every time. I can’t wait to hear more!!

Connie’s Bio:

Connie Solera is a mixed-media artist, teacher, and writer that explores the mysterious and soulful facets of life through her paintings, drawings, and daily creative practice.  With 25+ years of teaching experience under her apron, Connie’s workshops, retreats, and teacher training help artists identify and understand their visual language, create art that makes their cells sizzle, and embrace their artist path with gusto. 


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