She Had Him at Meow – The Story

The relationship between cats and dogs is a funny thing. My cat, Bubba, pretty much ignores the dogs until it’s time to eat or sleep. At the same time, the dogs are fascinated by his every move. At 16 years old and weighing about 10 pounds, he’s not afraid to step in front of Albus, the 100+ pound labradoodle, and check out Albus’ dinner to see if there is anything tasty. Bubba also loves sleeping nose to nose or back to back with one or both of them.

“She had Him at Meow” reflects that relationship in a painting that came alive from an abstract background. The aloofness during the day, becomes almost cuddling at night.

The original painting has found a home. There are still signed limited edition prints available if you’d love to add this fun and colorful print celebrating the complex friendship between cats and dogs to your collection.